ADRA mobilises in response to Gaza humanitarian crisis

ADRA is on the ground in Gaza, providing vital support.

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Urgent action is being taken by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) to aid displaced communities in Gaza.

ADRA is working to address the critical food security needs of these communities in response to the intensifying humanitarian crisis within the region.

According to recent reports from the United Nations, about 30 per cent of children under two are experiencing acute malnutrition, while more than 70 per cent of the population is facing severe famine and extreme hunger.

The situation for the local population within Gaza has reached critical levels due to the ongoing conflict. Families within the area have been forcibly displaced, major infrastructure has been destroyed, and necessities such as food and water have become extremely scarce.

“ADRA continues to pray for peace and the protection of the millions of people impacted by the ongoing crisis in Gaza,” ADRA International president Michael Kruger said. “Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones and are enduring unimaginable suffering. In the face of immense complexity, the urgency of humanitarian aid remains unchanged.”

About 30 per cent of children under two are experiencing acute malnutrition.

Responding to this escalating situation, ADRA has mobilised its resources, providing crucial assistance and support to the affected communities. In partnership with non-profit organisations like America Near East Refugee Aid, ADRA has established the 2024 Gaza Emergency Food Project to provide essential assistance to communities within the region. This collaboration aims at addressing the immediate needs of those impacted most significantly by the crisis. 

The project’s key initiatives include food distribution, hygiene support and food parcels. ADRA will be working towards the procurement, preparation and distribution of more than 28,500 hot meals through community kitchens in North Gaza. This will ensure that vulnerable community members can receive nourishment during this crisis. They will also distribute hygiene kits, promoting health and sanitation practices throughout the affected communities to reduce the risk of disease transmission. ADRA further aims to distribute over 7300 food parcels containing essential food products such as tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots, cooking oil and za’atar, providing sustenance to those in need.

“ADRA is collaborating with partners to deliver vital resources and sustenance to those in need, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or religious and political affiliations,” Mr Kruger said. “Our mission is deeply rooted in principles of justice, compassion and love, compelling us to aid those facing dire circumstances. Today, at this challenging time, we are presented with an opportunity to bring meaningful change to thousands of people, both young and old, in Gaza and nearby regions.”

The situation for the local population within Gaza has reached critical levels due to the ongoing conflict.

ADRA is dedicated to working closely with local partners and relevant authorities to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian aid to those most in need. Through these collaborative efforts, ADRA aims to make a significant impact on the lives of crisis-affected communities in Gaza and beyond.

“Please stand with ADRA by supporting this life-saving mission,” Mr Kruger added. “Together, we possess the capacity to alleviate the suffering in Gaza and other regions around the world facing devastating emergencies. Your partnership will make a difference. Thank you for your unwavering compassion and swift response to those in need.”

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