How to navigate the challenges of ‘adulting’

Young adults from Waitara church are looking forward to the fellowship and Bible study.

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Paediatric pharmacist Sam Walters will present a series on “Last day adulting” at Waitara Adventist Church in Sydney (NSW) from June 28 to July 6.

The UK-based presenter is passionate about connecting people with God and enjoying God’s creations of nature and food. He said “adulting”— behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult—can come as a shock to people and it’s definitely not easy.

“This year we want to be navigating the challenges of adulting with grace, resilience and a heart full of faith,” Mr Walters said.

“In this series we want to explore lessons from Bible characters who have been though similar experiences to us. From Joseph to Ruth to Balaam and others, their stories are not mere historical narratives but vibrant, relatable narratives that mirror our own struggles and aspirations.

“The lives of these biblical characters offer a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance for this generation living in the last days of earth’s history who have a God-ordained mission to take the gospel to the world.”

Waitara young adult Jan Rhais Amantiad said they are excited to be hosting Mr Walters and to be coming together for fellowship and Bible study.

“Set your reminders, organise the carpool now and don’t miss this opportunity to seek God together in this upcoming week of worship,” he said.

Waitara Adventist Church is at the corner of Park Ave and Alexandria Parade, Waitara. For more details click on this link.

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