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Why is His name Jesus? 5 year-olds
Jesus was probably called “Yeshua” by His friends, which is a Hebrew name that means “God saves”. The problem is, when people later translated Yeshua into other languages, they ran into all kinds of issues. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but people from different cultures sometimes have trouble saying certain sounds! Long story short, some Bible nerds (who were very smart) about 400 years ago decided that we should say His name “Jesus” instead of “Yeshua”, and that’s why we call Him that today. 

Is swearing a sin? Primary
We all make mistakes but when you swear, do you build people up or tear them down? In my experience, swear words are only used when people are being unkind or angry. When we behave that way, we aren’t becoming the people that Jesus wants us to be, which means if we can help it, we shouldn’t use them.

Why did the dinosaurs die? Primary
Sadly, it seems that most of them died in Noah’s flood. As much as I’d love to go to a zoo and see a T-Rex, Jurassic Park has taught me that’s probably not a good idea. However, dinosaurs still roam the earth! Crocodiles, tuatara, cassowaries, sharks, crabs and chickens are all technically dinosaurs. So, in a way, not all the dinosaurs died. Next time you see a chicken, make sure to let the people around you know it’s really a dinosaur.

Why did God make hell?Primary
God didn’t make hell—we did! What I mean is, we humans made up the idea of hell. The Bible tells us that if we choose not to follow Jesus, in the end we’ll be separated from Him forever. That’s still pretty scary but not as scary as what some people believe about hell. The good news is, according to the Bible, hell isn’t a real physical place, so there’s nothing to fear!  

Why did Satan turn into a snake in the garden of Eden? Primary
Nowhere in the Bible is the snake in Eden identified as Satan himself. Instead, it’s probably one of God’s animals that decided to make mischief and trick Adam and Eve by making them doubt God’s fairness. What’s pretty clear is that the snake is definitely on Satan’s team, not God’s. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be on God’s team.

When Jesus comes back, will there be a crack in the sky? 5 year-olds
It’s possible, but I don’t know. What I do know is that when Jesus comes back, everyone will be able to see Him. I reckon the whole thing will be pretty bright, so if you see Jesus come back, I’d recommend you grab a pair of sunglasses.

I went to church and I didn’t see Jesus. Where is He? 5 year-olds
Good news! Jesus goes everywhere you go. If you’ve accepted Him into your heart, He goes with you to church, to school—even to the pool! 

Is Jesus a genie? 5 year-olds
Unfortunately, Jesus isn’t a genie. He won’t give you the latest PlayStation or LEGO set.  However, Jesus is way better than a genie! Even though He doesn’t always give you what you want, He will always give you what you need. And also, unlike a genie, He’s not limited by three wishes. His generosity is unlimited! 

How did Jesus come back to life? Primary
That’s a really complicated, but also simple, question. One of the saddest things in life is death. Everything dies—flowers, animals, people. I wish it wasn’t like that, but it is. Jesus was sad about that too, but He knew something nobody else did. To defeat death, He would need to die Himself. It doesn’t make sense but that’s what happened. Jesus died, but then He came back to life! It wasn’t just a clever magic trick. Death’s power was defeated and even though things still die today, we don’t have to be scared of death anymore. That’s because Jesus has beaten it and one day, will come back to put an end to it forever!

Why did God make people out of dust? (I’m allergic to dust) Primary
I’m sorry to hear that! Being allergic to dust must be difficult. The reason for the dust is actually (partly) a pun. The word “Adam” sounds a lot like the Hebrew word for “dirt”, so in a funny way, the writer of Genesis is telling us that God “made the dirt man from the dirt”. But Adam isn’t just a dirt man—because God “breathes” His breath of life into him. Even if you’re allergic to dust, just like Adam, you too have God’s breath of life in you!

Jesse Herford is the associate editor, Signs of the Times.

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