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How often do we find ourselves eagerly sharing the proud moments of our children and grandchildren, celebrating their milestones? Birthdays, weddings, graduations—the list goes on. The same goes for our careers—we happily share updates, achievements and projects that we’re working on. However, let me pose a question: How readily do we share the proud moments of our Church?

Our faith community is engaged in remarkable endeavours, making a genuine impact in areas such as health, education and community service. Yet, when it comes to discussing these accomplishments, it can be overshadowed by negativity. I’ve found that chatter tends to focus on the bad rather than the good. Social media, in particular, often highlights criticisms rather than the positive contributions of our Church. 

One of my key projects is raising awareness of the Adventist Church in the broader community. Particularly in Australia and New Zealand, awareness of the Church is very low—as revealed in a 2022 survey commissioned by the South Pacific Division. Most people are unfamiliar with our beliefs and who we are. That’s why in 2023 we launched the Sabbath Gift promotion. We think the Sabbath is a beautiful blessing that has widespread appeal for communities grappling with isolation, stress and burnout. See Another important initiative is the church branding project, creating a distinct identity that sets us apart. In a sea of logos, we want our communities to easily recognise our churches and understand the positive impact we can have on their lives. See

Here’s where I need your help. Raising positive awareness about our Church is a collective effort. Let’s champion the remarkable work our Church is doing through the blessings of God. Instead of sharing negative sentiments, let’s transform our narrative into one of positivity and hope. And if you or your church have uplifting stories to share, we want to hear about them. We are establishing platforms to showcase these inspiring narratives, giving our communities a chance to see the goodness that emanates from our faith. Together, let’s become ambassadors of positivity, promoting the remarkable initiatives and positive impact of our Church. By doing so, we can reshape the conversation surrounding our faith and highlight the transformative power of God’s blessings in our lives.

Tracey Bridcutt is the Communication Director for the South Pacific Division

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