Growth in tithes and offerings

Division CFO Francois Keet presents his report last Thursday.

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Tithes and offerings have shown good growth in the past year, a remarkable result given the current economic conditions and cost of living pressures.

Presenting his report during last week’s Division Executive Committee meetings, CFO Francois Keet noted a slight dip in offerings during the pandemic that has since rebounded. 

“If you look at the percentages from 2019 to 2023, we are at the same level of growth in both tithes and offerings, and we can only praise God for that result,” Mr Keet shared with the delegates.

In terms of global Church finances, the SPD is pulling its weight, being the fifth largest contributor.

“We are a net giver and not a recipient of appropriations, which is also a positive thing, which for our small division size is something we should be thankful for,” Mr Keet said.

Moreover, the SPD is also a leader in allocating substantial tithe funding to evangelism initiatives. The Southern Asia Division tops the list, directing 56% of tithe funding to pastors, evangelists and frontline evangelism, followed by the Northern-Asia Pacific Division (53 per cent) and the SPD (51 per cent). Beyond evangelism, tithe funding supports diverse areas such as education, literature evangelism, media outreach and administrative expenses.

Commenting on the General Conference’s Mission Refocus initiative, Mr Keet stressed the need to think big and strategically. He urged a strong emphasis on disciple-making and resource mobilisation to support mission objectives. When using strategic funds, he also emphasised the importance of evaluating the impact and success of projects, rather than doing the same things over and over again.

“It’s going to encourage us to innovate the way we are doing things,” he said.

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