Adventist initiatives support Fiji’s fight against diabetes and enhance healthcare access

Fiji Mission president Pastor Nasoni Lutunaliwa (right) and Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad (centre) at the National Diabetes Awareness Week launch.

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Seventh-day Adventists teamed up with Fiji government efforts to bring attention to an escalating health issue during the country’s National Diabetes Awareness Week. 

“In Fiji, diabetes alone causes one-fourth of deaths, which is very significant and is about 1500 per year—the highest rate in the world. This is very alarming!” said deputy prime minister Biman Prasad in the launch event, held at the Adventist campground in Deuba on October 30.

The event marked the opening of a series of weeklong educational activities and health services leading up to World Diabetes Day on November 14. The events were organised by Diabetes Fiji Inc in partnership with Hope Clinic, the Ministry of Health Medical Services Fiji and international partners including ADRA Australia.

In conjunction with the awareness week, a team from Granite Hilltop Adventist Church in Sacramento, California, provided free medical services at the Deuba campground, performing several minor surgeries and offering dental and eye care to the local community. The medical mission, which ran through November 3, drew hundreds of Fijians seeking healthcare.

During the health-focused week, Fiji Mission, represented by president Pastor Nasoni Lutunaliwa and Hope Clinic director Dr Akuila Tabuavou, announced plans for a new clinic in Nakavika, Namosi. Funded by the American church, the proposed clinic will include four consultation rooms, a delivery room for surgeries and three beds for patients needing overnight stays.

The mission concluded with a celebration Sabbath, recognising the efforts of the medical missionary team and their commitment to returning to Fiji to ensure the clinic’s completion. Communities across Fiji have expressed gratitude for the services provided, which have eased healthcare costs.

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