Hillview Church explores creationism evidence on Creation Sabbath

The teen chefs make their "earth cakes".

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Hillview Adventist Church in Morisset (NSW) celebrated Creation Sabbath with a varied program that featured presentations, an educational drama and a baptism on October 28.

The drama presentation was titled “Cooking With Science: How to Make an Earth Cake”. Performed by teens Ally Mae Agafonoff, Daniel Lowe and Amaya Drury, the drama depicted a chef who followed a fictional recipe mirroring scientific theories of Earth’s formation while another chef unveiled a completed cake, symbolizing God’s creation.

Church member Mary Fedorow commented, “The drama creatively illustrated the contrast between evolutionary theories and the concept of divine creation in a light-hearted, engaging manner.”

The event also featured a sermon by Pastor Les Ncube and a presentation by two other members of the congregation—Dr Trevor Hurlow, who explored the complex design of the human eye and Dr Sven Ostring who delved into the harmony between faith and science, suggesting that scientific exploration can enhance the understanding of divine creation.

The celebration of Creation Sabbath extended into the afternoon with the baptism of Nathanael Ostring. The special day was concluded with an evening screening of a Christian movie.

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