Hillview Church celebrates cultural diversity and unity

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Hillview Adventist Church, in Morisset (NSW) celebrated their diverse community at the church’s second annual International Night on September 30. With more than 20 different nationalities among the church members, the celebration, organised by social leader Claudia Campos Diaz, gathered more than 100 attendees—some in traditional costumes.

Held in a hall decorated with flags and banners, the event featured a variety of international foods. “The heart of the International Night was undoubtedly the food,” said church member Mary Fedorow. “Attendees were treated to a mouthwatering buffet with dishes from more than seven countries.”

According to her, while the Australian section showcased vegemite sandwiches, fairy bread, Tim Tams and lamingtons, the various dishes from South Africa, Italy and South America had a wide variety of curries, rice dishes, empanadas, pasta and more.

Event organisers said the aim of this celebration wasn’t only to celebrate diversity but also to foster unity. “People from different backgrounds came together, shared stories, and formed connections. It was a night of laughter, learning and taking the opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultures and appreciate the beauty of diversity within the church,” said Ms Diaz.

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