Adventist Church calls for prayer following escalating conflict in the Middle East

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The Seventh-day Adventist Church is issuing an urgent call to prayer in light of the deeply alarming events that have erupted between the state of Israel and Hamas.

Reports indicate a land, air, and sea attack was launched by Hamas (October 7), involving 5000 rockets and significant infiltration into Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called up Israeli reserves and retaliated, escalating the situation.

At the time of writing, Reuters reports more than 1100 people have died.

We acknowledge the pain and suffering experienced by all those affected by this conflict.

The Adventist Church has a modest but meaningful presence in Israel, with 15 churches and 839 members. At this time, none of our congregations have been directly impacted by the current conflict. The escalating violence poses challenges for our church members in Israel, including concerns for their safety and the continuation of regular church activities. The situation also raises questions about how best to offer spiritual and, where possible, humanitarian support during these trying times.

As we navigate these turbulent times, our collective prayers are focused on several crucial areas. We fervently ask for an immediate halt to the hostilities, praying that God will open avenues for diplomatic discussions to bring a quick end to the violence and prevent further loss of innocent lives. Our hearts and prayers also go out for the protection of all civilians caught in this conflict, including our Adventist community members in Israel. We pray for God’s protection and for safe havens in these perilous times.

While Adventist teachings indicate that wars and conflicts will arise before the second coming of Christ, it does not diminish our desire for peace or our commitment to being ambassadors for Christ’s love in a world in desperate need of both. We invite our global Adventist community to unite in prayer and purpose, trusting that God will work in miraculous ways.

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