Central Coast Community Church finds permanent home after 25 years

The new building (Photo: Melissa Sanburg).

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After waiting for 25 years, the Central Coast Community Church (C4), located in Wyong on the Central Coast (NSW), has a building to call home. On September 9, more than 140 people gathered to dedicate and give thanks for the new and permanent building. 

C4 has moved several times during its 25 years, from the original building in 1999 to a school hall, then the Salvation Army site of Oasis in Wyong’s CBD and later renting from a Pentecostal church.

Themed “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”, the celebration paid tribute to people and organisations that were part of C4’s journey. 

Special mention was made to Dr Wayne and Tracy Krause; Pastors Mark Craig, Mathew Pearce and Kevin Robinson; Pastors Michael (Chappo) and Bethany Chapman; the South Pacific Division and North New South Wales Conference; and others. 

The morning program featured a historical presentation of C4 by NNSW CFO Russell Halliday. Church members shared challenges in the journey to get a permanent building. 

Guest speaker Dr Krause ended the morning program by reminding the congregation of why C4 exists and challenged them to “do more than just show up”.

After a combined lunch, the afternoon program provided a time to reflect on C4’s future. “We reflected on the question ‘where to from now?’,” said church member Toni Fortune. 

According to Mrs Fortune, the church is already answering that question through community engagement. She highlighted initiatives such as the “Pinnacle” youth suicide prevention program in partnership with Delhuntie Youth Care, the Beauty for Ashes project that provides personal hygiene and school bags to homeless and vulnerable people in partnership with Central Life Church and the Open Doors Ministry that operates every Wednesday. 

“C4 wishes to thank all who helped plan the event, those involved and those who came. You are the giants who paved the way—on your shoulders we stand. Most of all, we give thanks to God, who, for 25 years, taught us patience, perseverance and a community spirit. He is the Rock on which ALL giants stand,” concluded Mrs Fortune.  

A dedication booklet can be requested by contacting churchclerk@cccc.org.au

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