Discover the digital world with Daryl Gungadoo

Dr Daryl Gungadoo is the guest speaker.

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Young people interested in discovering how to become influential in ministry in the digital age are invited to join a digital discipleship course starting next week.

Hosted by the Centre for Discipleship’s Catalyst program, the course will be presented by international guest Dr Daryl Gungadoo, the director of the Adventist Review Media Lab at the General Conference. 

The course will run September 18-22 at Avondale University and attendance is free of charge. 

“This course in digital discipleship is a deep dive into the digital world that will invariably help you to be relevant influencers in today’s ecosystem and the upcoming metaverse,” Dr Gungadoo said.

He will present on some of practical tools to communicate with different target audiences—from creating effective memes to the art of podcasting, and recording appealing and short, shareable videos. Other topics include how to make captivating cartoons and the latest strategies in online marketing.

“I’ve had the privilege of teaching this material in universities in Europe and the Americas and I can guarantee you that it’s going to be fun, engaging and educational,” Dr Gungadoo said.

For more information on the program, contact the Catalyst team via their website

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