1970 to 1975: Un-Parr-alleled 

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Editor Robert Parr continued to bring his unique writing style to the pages of the Australasian Record during the years between 1970 and 1975. Through reading the many published “Letters to the Editor”, it appeared that many Record readers would read the back page of the magazine (which was titled “Flashpoint”) first, due to its informative and humorous style.

Many of our current Record readers may also remember “Finally, brethren . . .”, which was an often witty remark that featured at the conclusion of Record. To bring a sense of nostalgia and humour, we bring you a compilation of “Finally, brethren . . .” as well as some of Robert Parr’s standout communications.

“Finally, brethren . . .”: A little boy we heard about recently was upbraided by his mother. “Why do you get so dirty all the time?” she wanted to know. “Well, I’m a lot closer to the ground than you are,” he answered.

“Finally, brethren . . .”: Doctors say one thing that causes grey hair is lack of vitamins. Another is the lack of youth. 

Finally, brethren . . .”: The nicest thing about an egotist is that he doesn’t go around talking about other people. 

“Finally, brethren . . .”: The Bible that the devil doesn’t fear is the one with dust on it. 

“Finally, brethren . . .”: If you’ve always done it that way, it’s probably wrong. 

“Finally, brethren .. .”: To err is human, but you need a better excuse the second time. 

“Finally, brethren . . .”: A fanatic is a person who is highly enthusiastic about a subject which bores you.

“Finally, brethren . . .”: Open-minded or emptyheaded—it depends on whether you are describing yourself or someone else. 

“Finally, brethren . . .”: The man who is pulling his weight doesn’t have any left to throw around.

“Finally, brethren . ..”: A good question for an atheist is to serve him a good dinner and then ask him if he believes there is a cook.

“Finally, brethren . . .”: A worker who complains that his boss is stupid, probably wouldn’t have a job if his boss were smarter.

Finally, brethren . . .” (A special thought for those who, at this time of the year, will be camping): A lot of people must be wondering during the summer why Noah didn’t swat those two mosquitoes while he had the chance.

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