Fulton theology students inspire local church to “See as God Sees”

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Year 2 Theology students from Fulton Adventist University College conducted a special program at the Dubalevu Seventh-day Adventist Church in rural Nadroga on August 12. With participants originally from various Pacific islands, the event emphasised a sense of unity.

Themed “See as God Sees,” the event featured worship songs, special messages and testimonies highlighting the relevance and importance of the Gospel. According to year 2 theology class captain Tomasi Katakata, the students aimed to create an immersive experience of faith and reflection, “bridging connections with every member present”.

Leading the event were Pastor Eliki Keni Vale, a theology lecturer from Fulton College, and Pastor Ari Nuimataiwalu, the dean of Fulton men’s residence.

“Many in the congregation were deeply moved by the shared testimonies that showcased personal transformations and God’s guiding hand in our lives,” said Dubalevu head elder Sikeli Naitau.

Highlighting the event’s impact, Mr Naitau said the gathering demonstrated the potential of young theologians in refreshing faith communities. “Their collective mission, mentored by their instructors, benefited not only the Dubalevu Adventist Church members but also reinforced the eternal significance of God’s teachings.”

For Mr Katakata, events like these demonstrate the college’s dedication to community engagement and transformative education. “The efforts and spiritual connection built during this event are expected to leave a lasting impression on the Dubalevu church community, reinforcing Fulton’s commitment to spiritual outreach,” he added.

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