Local PNG church commits to 10,000 Toes as key health evangelism drive

Therapeutic juice demonstrations.

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Kama Adventist Church in Goroka, Papua New Guinea, conducted what is believed to be the first 10,000 Toes ambassador training run by a local church in the Eastern Highlands Simbu Mission (EHSM) from March 27 to 30.

With a total of 73 participants, the training was run for church members—including young people—from Kama church, its four small groups, two church plants and a neighbouring local church.

Kama health leaders Karito Ketauwo, Joyce Kasa and Matthew Omena, who had previously attended the 10,000 Ambassador training conducted by PNG Union Mission and EHSM, were the facilitators.

EHSM health director Thomas Awayang also attended the event.

Participants had the opportunity to conduct risk assessments amongst themselves as a practical part of their training. Other practical sessions included therapeutic juice demonstrations.

The event concluded with a graduation ceremony attended by two representatives from the Provincial Health Authority. Each of the 73 participants received 10,000 Toes certificates and ambassador badges.

Media crew from national TV NBC and Post Courier newspaper covered the training and graduation.

Thinking ahead, Kama church pledged continued support for the 10,000 Toes Campaign to become the vehicle to drive all its evangelism programs in the communities surrounding the churches that participated in the training.

Other plans for the near future include renovating and adapting a building that will host a wellness hub.

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