ARISE celebrates graduation and 10-year anniversary

The ARISE performing at the anniversary celebration.

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The ARISE class of 2023 celebrated the end of the three-month program with a special graduation ceremony at the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist Church on May 6. This year’s graduation ceremony marked a significant milestone for the 42 students who completed the program and celebrated ARISE’s 10-year anniversary of operation in Australia.

“The anniversary was a perfect blend of nostalgia, reflection and excitement for the future,” said Daniel Oehlmann, ARISE Boys Dean.

The program took attendees on a trip down memory lane, sharing the positive impact ARISE has had on the lives of its students over the past decade. Pastor Matt Parra, who previously served as North New South Wales Personal Ministries and Evangelism director, presented a report on how ARISE has positively influenced the conference by fostering a culture of volunteer ministry, enhancing outreach, evangelism and support for church members.

Pastors David Asscherick and Ty Gibson, along with other key individuals, provided insight into the beginnings of ARISE and how “the Spirit of God has guided the program from the start”. Pastor Asscherick presented a message on the importance of discipleship and spreading the good news of God.

The ceremony culminated with a performance by an ARISE student choir composed of both past and present graduates. The 42 graduates, including 17 international students, were applauded for their accomplishments. Teachers, staff, families and friends reflected on the students’ growth and the working of God throughout the program.

The ceremony was an opportunity to reflect on the tremendous growth and the working of God witnessed in each individual throughout the program and to celebrate the students’ accomplishments.

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