Small Adventist church branches out in challenging area

Suambukum local church members in front of their church building.

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Suambukum, a small Adventist church, founded in 2012 in the Maprik District of Papua New Guinea, has just 45 members but has managed to branch out to neighbouring villages, despite being a minority faith in the area.

According to Suambukum local church minister Cosmos Maibogu, one of the biggest challenges the church faces is that many members are hesitant to publicly show their Adventist faith. However, despite this challenge, the church has managed to function as an organised church and even has a Pathfinder and youth Club for young people.

Mr Maibogu credits the church’s success to “the grace of God and the support of key individuals such as elder Koney Samuel”, secretary of the Papua New Guinea National Department of Planning and Monitoring. Mr Maibogu thanked God for the church’s progress and praised Mr Samuel for his continued support.

“Despite its small size and the challenges it faces, Suambukum Adventist Church is a testament to the power of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity,” Mr Maibogu added.

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