Lots of buzz about Hyve

The inaugural event brought together 140 entrepreneurs and innovators in the heart of Sydney.

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Hyve Australia 2023 will long be remembered for its energy, fast-paced program and exceptional networking opportunities for entrepreneurial Adventists in business, ministries and other professions.

The inaugural event brought together 140 entrepreneurs and innovators in the heart of Sydney at Fishburners, Australia’s premier startup hub.

Julian Archer, South Pacific Division stewardship director and the facilitator who brought Hyve to Australia, explained that, “There’s a growing demand in the Adventist Church for members to network together professionally so that they can be more successful, more faithful and also more missional in the marketplace. We were so excited to see it all in motion at Hyve Australia.”

Many attendees walked away feeling more supported in their faith-driven business journey and were armed with new ideas and inspiration. The event was also an opportunity for experienced business professionals and early startups to connect with mentors, pitch their business ideas and take home cash prizes.

According to business growth facilitator Dr Ken Long, “Seeing some of these entrepreneurs present their pitches . . . [they] are just so passionate about serving God and making a kingdom impact.”

Mady Taue, from Mantua Sewing Studio, added: “The opportunity to have a platform, to be able to talk about my business and how to make it more missional and to be amongst like-minded, entrepreneurial people has been really valuable.”

Fiji attendee Emmah Poulter was also inspired: “I just need to just take the risk, go for it, see where there’s an open door and explore it.”

Hyve event organiser Andrew Perry appreciated the fellowship aspect. “Sometimes as entrepreneurs we feel like we’re alone trying to solve the world’s problems. To actually be surrounded by a group of people who have made similar mistakes, got over them, achieved despite them, has just been so refreshing and encouraging.”

Hyve topics included innovation, marketing, real estate investing, product development, time management, maximising social media, centres of influence and missional marketing. Attendees were encouraged and challenged by experienced presenters and workshop facilitators to simultaneously grow their businesses and multiply their missional impact. 

As one of the almost 70 per cent of attendees under the age of 40, Luke Farrugia of Blue Vineyard summarised the weekend well with, “It was one of the most valuable weekends I have had in years. I’m already looking forward to next year.”

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