10,000 Toes launches in Nauru

Healthy cooking classes are among the initiatives.

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The tiny nation of Nauru has a big problem—and the 10,000 Toes Campaign is working hard to do something about it.

Obesity is a major problem in Nauru, with diabetes affecting 30 to 40 per cent of the adult population. This is partly due to a shift from a traditional diet of root crops and fish to a modern diet loaded with processed sugar and saturated fats. As a result, amputations are a regular occurrence.

Recent funding from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is helping 10,000 Toes to launch a diabetes awareness campaign.

Healthy cooking classes in Nauru.

“I visited Nauru a few years ago and came away sad that this country has gone from being known as one of the richest countries to now being one of the fattest,” said 10,000 Toes Campaign coordinator Pamela Townend.

“What a sad contrast. We are very grateful to WHO for providing funds to kick-start a health change.”

10,000 Toes is rolling out a number of wellness initiatives including a health expo, ambassador training, community screening, healthy cooking classes, community gardening and the Live More Abundantly program. The campaign is being led by local pastor Jiosaia Navakalomana, a trained and certified 10,000 Toes ambassador.

The 10,000 Campaign needs financial support to continue its important health mission in the South Pacific. You can make a donation via this link.

And watch this video for more details on the work of 10,000 Toes in Nauru.

Community health screening in Nauru.
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