Mums At The Table moderators meet in person for the first time

Mums At The Table moderators meeting in person for the first time.

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Twenty moderators from Australia and New Zealand met for the first time since Mums At The Table local groups were created two years ago. The meeting happened as part of Mums At The Table’s inaugural three-day moderators’ workshop, held in conjunction with the Greater Sydney Conference Women’s Ministries Breathe Conference at Stanwell Tops, NSW.

Mums At The Table, a ministry of Adventist Media, supports mums in the community through online content as well as local events. The local events are held in partnership with volunteer moderators from local churches, many of them mums themselves. 

For many of the moderators, the weekend workshop was the first time they fully understood they were part of an Australia- and New Zealand-wide project. Moderators were able to hear what other groups are doing, as well as offer and share plans about the future of Mums At The Table. 

Julie Laws, moderator coordinator for Mums At The Table, brainstorming ideas with the group moderators.

“It was a great weekend and I got so many ideas,” said Shelley Phipps, moderator of the Northwest Sydney group.

“Such a beautiful experience meeting everyone and definitely we have learnt a lot,” said Faye Espartero from the Adelaide group.

Dr Wayne Krause, director of Adventist Mission and strategy leader of Mission to the Cities, spoke to the moderators on Sunday morning about the value of what they do.

“It’s often said Jesus mingled with people as One desiring their good,” he said. “What you are doing—supporting and encouraging mums in the community and developing a relationship with them—is what Jesus would have done.”

There are currently 14 local groups in Australia and New Zealand, moderated by 30 church members, representing 18 Seventh-day Adventist churches. Depending on the moderators’ availability, local events—or meet-ups—range from weekly playgroups to playground and café catch-ups or even dessert nights.

“It was an absolutely amazing experience and I can’t wait to see where God leads this ministry in the year ahead,” said Ewelina Arevalo, Ipswich group moderator.

Churches or individuals interested in being part of the ministry can contact Mums At The Table at

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