Symposium equips disciples to plant churches

Avondale University students attended the symposium.

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Avondale University Seminary students, along with other guests, participated in the Mission Symposium held on the Lake Macquarie campus on October 14 and 15. The theme of the symposium was church planting and featured keynote presenters who spoke on various aspects of this topic.

Symposium organiser Dr Wayne Krause said, “The goal is that every student attending Avondale, and those recommended by their Conference leaders, or anyone who wants to be a part of this adventure, will be able to do four things when they finish these symposiums: 1. Know how to be and make disciples 2. Know how to plant churches 3. Know what it will take for them to reach our cities, and 4. Know how to do cross cultural ministry.”

Director of Ellen G White/SDA Research Centre Pastor Mark Pearce commented about one of the presentations, “It threw out the challenge, it said these are the issues . . . what I have heard since is here are some potential ways we can connect.”

This leadership training event was a joint initiative between South Pacific Division Adventist Mission and Mission to the Cities, Avondale University Seminary, Avondale University Church, the Australian Union Conference (AUC) and the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference (NZPUC).

Director of SPD Centre for Discipleship and Evangelism Dr Gilbert Cangy said, “I find it very refreshing that we are dealing with real questions, we are talking about the notion of relevance.” Further to this he commented, “I was gratified, particularly with the panel and others, to hear that they are speaking the language, addressing the questions that people are actually asking in the real world. I am delighted and encouraged.”

Ministry student Trent Keegan shared his top learning from the talks, “Looking at churches being for those who aren’t here yet and this idea of trying to build a place for safety, for people to come in and feel welcome.” He said he loved the idea of church planting being the extreme sport of Adventism.

The next symposium will be held in May 2023 and will focus on Mission to the Cities. If you would like to attend this free event, register your interest at In-person spots are limited, but you can also join via Zoom. If you missed this event, you can view the presentations here:

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