Adventist taxi driver rewarded for his honesty

Samuela Namasia works as a taxi and bus driver to save money for his tuition and to help his family.

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Uduya Seventh-day Adventist Church member Samuela Namasia was recently featured in the Fiji Sun for his honesty.

Working as a taxi driver to save money for his student tuition, the 24-year-old noticed that one of his passengers had dropped their wallet containing $F440 worth of cash on the floor of his car. Without hesitation, Samuela drove back to the house of the owner of the wallet, finding him outside with his wife searching for it in the street by their house. The couple was overjoyed when he handed back their wallet with the cash inside.

His kind deed didn’t go unnoticed, with Fiji National University offering to pay for his tuition for the semester after seeing his story featured in the Fiji Sun. Mr Namasia is a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) majoring in mathematics and physics at the Natabua campus.

“I was informed that I will not have to pay my fees for the next semester. This semester I was not going to attend school because I am not able to pay for my fees,” said Mr Namasia.

“I was going to work and save some money and then go back to school, but God works in mysterious ways,” he added.

Samuela thanked his parents for teaching him honesty in all circumstances. “My parents taught me the importance of telling the truth and being honest. They always told me to tell the truth even if it means getting a beating because the truth always sets a person free.”

“I thank God for this opportunity because no one at home works and no one is there to pay my fees and rent,” he said.

“I thank God because, at times, He tests us in every little thing we do. I did not know that after what I did, it would open doors for us,” he concluded.

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