Book review: Listening in the Morning

Listening in the Morning by Trevor Lloyd.

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Devotional Readings for Teachers
Trevor Lloyd

Listening in the Morning is a manifesto of sorts. Written by teacher, lecturer and passionate educator Dr Trevor Lloyd, Listening in the Morning is a devotional book with a singular golden thread running throughout: teaching is a missional calling. Dr Lloyd rightly places high value on the work of teachers and educators as missionaries. He invites teachers and educators to go beyond the curriculum and the day books, the yard duties and the never-ending paperwork and reminds the educators among us of why they chose teaching as a career in the first place. 

Although the devotional book would certainly bring value to any educator, from community kindergartens to state schools across the country or anywhere else you might have the opportunity to teach, perhaps the biggest impact is reserved for Adventist educational institutions. The mission—the why behind Adventist education—is more than just giving students an excellent education. It’s also about telling them there’s a God who loves them dearly and wants nothing more than to be in a relationship with them. When an entire school community remembers and embraces this mission, lives are changed, disciples are mentored, and students, families and staff get to know Jesus better.

The readings are short and sharp—perfect for staff worship in the morning, if that is your setting—and come with a question to ponder or discuss. Dr Lloyd employs storytelling as the foundation of the book, sharing anecdotes he’s gathered from a lifetime of listening, reading and learning. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes moving, these stories are the perfect vehicle for the message. 

For those who are teaching outside Adventist Education, thank you for your ministry. Listening in the Morning might be a way for you to fill your spiritual cup and remind you of your personal why. 

For those teaching within Adventist Education, thank you for your ministry. Listening in the Morning can be a catalyst for renewal and growth and revival within your entire school community. 

Listening in the Morning is available from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, or online.

Karen Collum, an Adventist teacher in a variety of contexts for the past 26 years

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