Local church empowered by discipleship summit in New Zealand

South New Zealand Conference president Pastor Ben Martin was one of the guest speakers at the event.

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Wanting to empower its members to make disciples, Garden City Fellowship church in Christchurch, New Zealand, held a Discipleship Summit on June 18.

The program featured a line-up of expert presenters including South New Zealand Conference (SNZ) president Pastor Ben Martin, SNZ discipleship director Pastor Sarah Jane Riley, Garden City Fellowship church pastor Younish Masih and business coach Karl Waretini.

Throughout the presentations, attendees were encouraged to remember the “why” behind the “what” and to develop habits that can help them develop an intimate relationship with Jesus. Pastor Martin challenged them to hold fast to Jesus and keep on serving Him and His people faithfully.

With his business coaching skills, Mr Waretini lead the attendees through a sum up of the whole day’s discussion and helped them leave the summit with the next action step in their discipleship journey.

“It was an awesome day. We learned how discipleship works, looking at the different aspects and how to live it out in our lives and our local church,” said Pastor Martin.

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