South Pacific Division GC report

South Pacific Division report, GC 2022.

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The South Pacific Division report to the 2022 General Conference Session in St Louis, United States, has been well received with praise for the growth and discipleship highlighted and wonder at the diversity experienced within the SPD.

The reports were delivered unusually this session as, with many delegates tuning into proceedings online, the business of the 2022 General Conference session was wrapped up early to avoid encroaching on the Sabbath hours.

This meant many in the South Pacific Division would have entered the Sabbath hours while it was still Friday in the United States, so the GC schedule was structured so all the technical business was finished by Thursday evening and Friday was devoted to sharing all of the 13 world division reports.

Often these reports are spread throughout the meetings, so having them all together meant a high-adrenaline day focused on mission. You can watch the SPD video report here:

SPD report for GC 2022.

Each region had only 15 minutes to cover the past six and a half years and the SPD video was produced by Adventist Media.

The final report came from Ukraine, with a special report on the situation of the church in the country which has been invaded by Russia.

You can watch all the reports that were included in the morning and afternoon session on the Church’s Youtube channel:


Afternoon (including SPD (starts at around 2 hours 19 minutes) and special Ukraine report):

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