Prayers for children at risk

SPD president Pastor Glenn Townend with the Adsafe team.

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Adsafe staff highlighted World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk at a morning tea at the South Pacific Division (SPD) office recently.

World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk is scheduled annually for the last Sabbath in May.

The morning tea coincided with the virtual opening by General Conference president Pastor Ted Wilson of the refurbishment of part of the SPD office.

Thousands of children around the world are at risk. Many experience abuse, neglect, trafficking and hurt. According to the Adsafe team, children at risk need to be protected so that they can use their God-given talents to achieve their fullest potential. They need our prayers.

Attendees at the morning tea were taught a prayer of commitment by host Litiana Turner (Adsafe team leader—Safeguarding Pacific) and contemplated sobering facts regarding children at risk in various countries as shared by Silvia Pedzisi (team leader—Safeguarding Australia/NZ).

Adsafe seeks to work with Adventist churches and church entities to create and maintain safe environments that protect children and the vulnerable, and promote healing to those who have suffered. Adsafe’s services include support for survivors, risk management, investigations and safeguarding through education.


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