$A2 million refurbishment to improve learning experience at Mamarapha College

Mamarapha College Board at the ground-breaking ceremony.

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A ground-breaking ceremony has been held at Mamarapha College (WA) for a $A2 million expansion and refurbishment of its campus, set to commence in mid-April 2022.

The ceremony was attended by college staff and members of the Mamarapha College Board, including Australian Union Conference (AUC) members, president Pastor Terry Johnson, secretary Pastor Michael Worker, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries (ATSIM) director Pastor Darren Garlett. 

“This development will provide additional classrooms, a dining hall, a computer lab as well as additional space for administration and staff,” explained Pastor Worker.

“The existing classrooms and administrative spaces will be refreshed during this process and extensive decking will be constructed so that the buildings and associated amenities will all be on one level, thus providing a more integrated campus experience for students and staff,” added Pastor Worker.

The development will completely transform the current facilities, allowing the college to provide a better learning environment. 

Architectural concept for the campus.

“Since the commencement of Mamarapha College in 1997, God has grown His College,” said Pastor David Garrard, principal of Mamarapha College, “in the last 5 to 10 years, applications have exceeded seating capacity, giving evidence of the significant impact the College is having amongst our First Nations communities.”

Mamarapha College has had more than 1500 students enrolled since it opened, with approximately 120 students attending each year pre-COVID. 

The College continues to add to its available courses with students currently able to complete a variety of diploma and advanced diploma courses in Indigenous Studies such as Ministry, Lifestyle Health Promotion, Community Bible Worker, and Pastoral Ministry.

“Mamarapha staff and students have long dreamed of having a modern, spacious learning centre and we joyously praise God for His goodness,” shared Pastor Garrard. “We are all very excited that the work has begun.”

“The new development will see a greater number of Indigenous students coming through Mamarapha College,” said Pastor Worker, “this is not only wonderful for the students but will have a greater impact when the students return home and share their knowledge and faith with their local communities.”

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