Avondale adds Master of Lifestyle Medicine

Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine executive director, Stephen Penman, expects a significant body of research to emerge from the master’s degree.

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The newest course at Avondale builds the university’s reputation as one of Australia’s premier providers of lifestyle medicine education.

The Master of Lifestyle Medicine adds a four-unit research emphasis to the existing Graduate Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine—itself an extension of the Graduate Certificate.

The course “will not only further equip students from the South Pacific but also attract a wider international cohort because it’s one of the few master’s-level degrees offered anywhere in the world,” says Lifestyle Medicine and Health Research Centre Director Associate Professor Darren Morton. “And it’s built from the ground up around the principles and tenets of lifestyle medicine, not just with some lifestyle medicine units added on.”

Avondale is the longest-serving provider of postgraduate lifestyle medicine education in Australia—it first offered the Graduate Diploma in 2015. It’s also developed a strong link with the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, which offers a pathway to fellowship for students who complete the courses.

Dean (Research) Associate Professor Peter Kilgour and the Academic Board have accredited the degree for five years. Find more information online.

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