An opportunity to change a child’s life

"Our staff are the hands and feet of Christ."

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Every year more than 5000 students attending Seventh-day Adventist schools in Australia declare Jesus to be their Lord, Saviour and Friend through activities such as chapels, class worships, Bible study classes and special weeks of worship.

This shows the incredible impact of Adventist education on a child’s spiritual journey, according to Adventist Schools Australia (ASA) national director Dr Daryl Murdoch. 

Dr Murdoch said the key goal of Adventist schools is to impact every child and every family for Christ.

“We believe that Adventist education has something to offer that society desperately needs,” he said. “Today, 73 per cent of our students come from the broader community. Our schools and early learning centres give a message of hope and love in a community where there is often doubt and despair.

“I believe that Adventist education is the most effective frontline evangelism for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Since 2015, an additional 3000 students have enrolled in Adventist schools around Australia, taking the total number of students to more than 16,000. This is where the pivotal role of teachers needs to be recognised. Adventist schools are staffed with hundreds of dedicated teachers who are committed to providing excellence in education.

“They are the most incredible assets that we have,” Dr Murdoch said. “Our staff are the hands and feet of Christ, and I am extremely proud of the difference that they make in the lives of their students each and every day.”

Opportunities exist for teachers to join the Adventist educational system in 2022 and be part of a Christ-centred learning community that is changing lives. To find out more go to

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