Media ministry transforming lives

Amelia and Jiutasa Biaudamu with two other candidates ready for baptism.

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A DVD began the journey of Jiutasa Biaudamu into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In 2012 the Fijian man watched the Sabbath-focused DVD, which touched his heart and he continued to watch it many times.

Mr Biaudamu said he was often restless and he believes it was the work of the Holy Spirit in his life.

“When Hope Channel started broadcasting in 2018, I switched on to Channel 8 and became addicted to it,” he told Hope Channel Fiji.

“. . . it was on till dusk and even into late night if a good program or evangelism was running. I came to know all the speakers and preachers on Hope Channel—both local and international.”

Mr Biaudamu told Hope Channel Fiji that the programs affirmed his conviction that Saturday was the true Sabbath day and not Sunday, among many other biblical truths.

“I told my wife and my children that we were heading in the wrong direction and it was time to start following the Bible if we are to have eternal life,” he said.

Pastor Joape Narobe with Amelia Biaudamu and Pastor Timoci Lomani with Jiutasa Biaudamu during the baptismal ceremony.

This year, Hope Channel broadcast a total of six evangelistic programs—three in Fijian, two in English and one in Hindi.

The third was presented by Pastor Uraia Seru on the topic “Jisu na iWali Ni Leqa (Jesus is the Answer)”.

“After listening to Pastor Uraia’s sermons, I was convicted and made the decision to follow the Bible alone and to look for an Adventist church to attend,” Mr Biaudamu said.

He also started promoting Hope Channel to the villagers, his relatives and family.

“I don’t want them to miss out on these truths. They are so far from the mark and Hope Channel is providing us for free these blessings and opportunity to discover truths from the Bible,” he said.

Mr Biaudamu and his wife Amelia, both in their early 70s, were baptised on December 11 in front of their family, relatives and church members at Navaka Village in Noco, Rewa.

“I have challenged my children. There are six of them and hopefully they will follow us—their parents—down this road so they can also make it to heaven,” he said.

Hope Channel team members attended the baptism to witness how powerful media ministry continues to transform lives in Fiji.

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