Adventists provide free health care to community in PNG

Kreer Heights Adventist Community members and Mobile Clinic Ministry nurses worked together on the initiative.

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Seventh-day Adventist Church members in Kreer Heights, Papua New Guinea, provided free health care and advice to more than 90 people from the community on November 14.

With the assistance of the Gander Memorial Adventist Church mobile clinic ministry nurses, members of the community had their weight, blood pressure and sugar levels checked.

Attending the event with his family, Mr Warrison, a long time resident of Kreer Heights, was delighted to have health check-ups so close to his home. “Bringing such service to the people’s doorsteps has made it easier and convenient for us.”

“This also helps elderly people who find it a bit difficult to make the long journey to the hospital to get such an essential service,” he added.

The initiative provided free health care and advice to more than 90 people.

Adventist nurse Marina Nohou said she was proud of the initiative. “The medical check-ups have helped in identifying health issues faced by the people in the community. Most people have high blood pressure, high sugar levels and are suffering from obesity,” she added.

According to Mrs Nohou, the church is organising the next event to promote health talks to address the identified health issues and educate the community on preventing and reversing chronic diseases with lifestyle changes.

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