Feijoas, sex and fatigue

Go Healthy for Good host Dr Nerida McKibben.

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“Sexual health,” replies Dr Nerida McKibben when asked what is different about the new season of Go Healthy for Good. “Chronic fatigue, new exercise and food sections, new format, and oh, one really big new thing! All of our previous seasons were filmed in the US. This time? We have shot the show on location here in beautiful New Zealand!”

Does a Christian channel have any business talking about sex? Dr Nerida smiles, “Listen, I am a doctor who specialises in women’s health, and the one thing I know is that Christians, just like everyone else, have our share of questions and issues with sex. Sex is part of a healthy life, but that means ensuring we deal with STIs, contraception, sexual problems and, of course, working towards an active sex life that is satisfying to both people in a relationship. God created sex, so yes, Christians more than anyone should talk about sex openly and constructively, advocating for God’s ideal and providing practical advice that deals with the realities we are faced with. If you wonder how we will do that, you will have to tune in . . . ”

Is chronic fatigue really just depression? “Of course chronic fatigue is related to depression because when a person is chronically fatigued, they often get depressed—but that does not mean they are the same thing. Lots of diseases are correlated with depression because when we feel bad physically, it takes a toll on our mental health. Chronic fatigue is a unique diagnosis that requires specific care. I have wanted to tackle chronic fatigue in a productive way on the show that really explains the issues involved and provides hope. I am so thankful that I have a physician on this season’s show who specialises in treating chronic fatigue. It is one of the most important episodes we have ever done, as this is such a massive issue.

 “I said the show is shot on location in New Zealand,” continues Dr Nerida, “I should add that the food and exercise segments are shot in Australia. I hope you will forgive us for that! Seriously, we have terrific new presenters for those segments that viewers will love. And the main portion of the show is shot on location here in the Waikato district. Is there any better backdrop for a show on healthy living than the most beautiful country in the world with lots of local food from feijoas to NZ avocados? The show will be distributed globally, and as a Kiwi, I am proud to be sharing a little taste of our wonderful country with the world.”

Hope Channel New Zealand planned to shoot 13 episodes for the new season, but the filming went so well that they filmed 16 episodes. The new season of Go Healthy for Good first aired on Hope Channel New Zealand on September 9 and will play every Tuesday at 7:30pm. The program will also be made available to view on-demand via their website and Facebook page once it has been broadcast.

Dr Nerida’s unique ability to communicate God’s plan for us to enjoy a happy, fulfilled and healthy life is something not to be missed. Tune in, and let your family and friends know about the new season—and go healthy for good!

Ole Pedersen is manager of Hope Channel New Zealand.

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