AUC session moving online

(Source: Unsplash)

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Due to the current coronavirus situation affecting much of Australia, the Australian Union Conference (AUC) Executive Committee has decided to move its regular constituency meeting online, to be held virtually via Zoom.

The meeting will be reduced to two days, running from Sunday, August 29 to Monday, August 30.

“Our team has spent a lot of time organising these meetings and while we are disappointed we cannot meet in person, we are relieved that we do not have to postpone these meetings again,” stated Pastor Michael Worker, general secretary of the AUC.

“Last month we made changes to our constitution, for such a time as this, when much of the country is in lockdown and border closures affect most states,” he added.

The South Pacific Division has created video conference meeting protocols which AUC delegates will follow to ensure the meeting is run successfully.

“This will be a first for us, to hold a meeting of this magnitude online, but we are confident that our team will be able to make the transition smoothly, and we look forward to seeing all the delegates virtually when the time comes,” said Pastor Worker.

“We ask that church members keep us in their prayers and pray that God will lead throughout the meetings.”

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