Aore Adventist Academy celebrates abundant harvest at community “field day”

One of AAA's staff explaining their new farming technologies. (Credit: Aore My Home Facebook)

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Just over 12 months since its campus was almost completely destroyed by Cyclone Harold, Aore Adventist Academy (AAA) in Vanuatu has demonstrated its ability to bounce back, hosting a “field day” that showcased its farming technologies.

Held on July 15, the field day was organised by AAA administration in partnership with Sanma Province’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB), as part of MALFFB’s “Think Big Increase and Multiply Recovery Project”, which is supported by the New Caledonia Government and the European Union.

A total of 35 agriculture students from AAA and nearby Nandiutu School (Moto) celebrated their success by harvesting a one-hectare food basket of sweet potatoes, weighing between 8-12 tonnes.

According to Loop Pacific, the field day also showcased resilient root crops, coconut and livestock farming technologies. Improved/elite planting materials were also demonstrated and distributed to attendees.

Deputy director of Vanuatu’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mark Vurobaravu, says the sweet potato harvest will be distributed to AAA families, local farmers and residents to help them recover from Cyclone Harold, and help strengthen community resilience and preparedness for future disasters.

Another hectare of cassava will be harvested in the next 8-10 months.

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