New inVerse video series discusses biblical sexuality

The series is produced by the Australian Union Conference to help young adults as they study the Sabbath school lesson.

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A new video series based on the inVerse Sabbath school lesson has been released in time for the third quarter’s study on biblical sexuality.

The Australian Union Conference (AUC) will be producing these videos each quarter, over two years, to help young adults as they study the Sabbath school lesson.

“The videos are openers to each week’s lesson and will be used to encourage young adults to engage in the lesson and to get more involved in Sabbath school and personal Bible study,” explained Pastor Lyndelle Peterson, Personal Ministries, Sabbath School and Stewardship director at the AUC.

According to its website, inVerse was developed and created into a new format to replace the Collegiate Quarterly. The new format is a Bible study guide for university students, young adults, working professionals and young parents (ages 18-35+) and follows the same study topics as the adult lesson for two of the four quarters, with the other two remaining topics specifically addressing young adult issues.

inVerse is a great resource in itself and there are a lot of excellent supporting resources,” said Pastor Peterson. “This video series will take some of the key ideas and give them perspectives from young adults who are wrestling with these topics and help it translate to our Australian audience.

You can watch the new series on or

“Topics such as sexuality are popular on social media and trend with young adults. This project allows young adults to discuss these topics from a biblical perspective and gives them a safe space to share,” she added.

Each video will be 7-10 minutes long and will be accompanied by a study template with questions and Bible readings. Videos for each quarter will feature young people from different conferences, allowing them to use their talents and help them grow.

“The goal is that the AUC will work on building up the ministry over the next two years, work with young adults around Australia and hand it over to a team of young people to keep going with the ministry,” explained Pastor Peterson.

To gain access to this great new resource please visit or, or talk to your sabbath school leader.

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