Refurbished ABC store dedicated in Gizo

ABC manager James Bouro standing in front of the new shop with his assistants Lina Aegari (Left), and Florence Eddie (Right).

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With a newly refurbished building, the Gizo Adventist Book Centre (Solomon Islands) can now provide a more enjoyable shopping experience to the people of Western Province, Choiseul, and Short-lands Islands.

“Over the years, we’ve been trying to serve our church members and Christians in the Western Solomons properly, but unfortunately, we were not able to do so due to the run-down building and frequent natural disasters in the Western Province,” explained ABC book shop Manager James Bouro.

At the opening ceremony on May 4, Solomon Islands Mission Secretary Pastor David Filo offered a dedicatory prayer, and Mr Bouro, alongside Western sub-region director Clifton Mark, cut the ribbon, welcoming guests and members of the public into the shop. 

With an improved structure featuring a living room, kitchen, shower and a veranda for customers, the $SI250,000 bookshop was built with the support of the Solomon Islands Mission. 

“Now we can accommodate more books for display and more space for customers to move around the shop,” said the shop’s assistant Florence Eddie.

“We praise God for this achievement, and we believed it will increase its service to the people of the western province,” said Mr Bouro. 

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