Learning lessons from the Bible

Vatuvonu students gave out food baskets as part of Global Youth Day.

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Bible classes are now being taught four times a week at Vatuvonu Adventist High School in Fiji.

The opportunity to conduct Bible classes at the school has been limited since the Fijian government took over staffing of Vatuvonu in 2019. This has created a situation where all staff are not Adventist except for the chaplain Pastor Sesoni Tali.

However, at the beginning of 2021, the school principal authorised Bible classes to be taught four periods a week for students in years 9-13, and these classes are held in the first period of the day. The classes are being conducted by the school chaplain and local church members, mainly elders.

Other spiritual activities are also happening at the school. A staff Week of Prayer held at the beginning of the term was well received by all staff members. And boarding students recently visited staff homes to pray and give out food baskets as part of the Adventist Church’s Global Youth Day activities. Pathfinders has also been introduced to the boarding students.

The Vatuvonu school community continues to await a decision by the High Court of Fiji following a long-running case between the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Fijian government over the management and control of the school.

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