Adventists offer free health check-ups in Fiji

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More than 170 people had access to free health check-ups and counselling in Nadi (Fiji) on Sabbath, April 17.

The initiative was promoted by the ambassadors of the 10,000 Toes Campaign of the Nadi English Adventist Church and met a great need in the community.

“There is only one hospital in Nadi that is already overloaded with sick cases, emergencies and daily patient referrals from private doctors. The free health check-ups provide opportunities for members of the public who would not have otherwise gone to visit the hospital or private doctors,” explains regional 10,000 Toes Campaign coordinator George Kwong.

Having their biometrics taken and answering the ELIA Wellness Snapshot questionnaire, the attendees received an overview of their general health situation. “These screenings have become very important in that the public is made aware of their lifestyle disease risks and are counselled on what to do and where to seek further assistance,” said Mr Kwong. 

The services were provided by 12 volunteers, including a lifestyle coach, trained 10,000 Toes ambassadors and certified lifestyle intervention program trainers—Complete Health Improvement Program and Live More Abundantly. 

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