Sanitarium’s story brought to life

Papanui, Christchurch c.1920.

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Sanitarium Group has released a new historical documentary ahead of its 123rd birthday tomorrow (April 27).

The Story of Us—A Historical Journey captures Sanitarium’s rich history from its beginnings to the present day. Over the course of two years, the production team shot and edited hours of footage and sifted through countless historical images to bring Sanitarium’s story to life.

Narrated by CEO Kevin Jackson (Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Group), Todd Saunders (Sanitarium Health Food Company), Cathy McDonald (Vitality Works) and Bennie Hendricks (Life Health Foods), The Story of Us illustrates how a group of passionate people established Sanitarium and how Ellen White’s original teachings continue to inform the company’s purpose today of  “Changing lives every day through whole person health”.

From Sanitarium’s early roots in Battle Creek and starting the health food work in Australia and New Zealand to disrupting the breakfast market with UP&GO, the growth of Life Health Foods and the formation of Vitality Works, the video condenses Sanitarium’s long history into 19 jam-packed minutes.

Click here to watch the video.

Sanitarium has also launched a new “Moments that made us” page on its website.

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