Finding silver linings: thankful and excited for 2021

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Well we made it! While 2020 was a year many would like to forget, it still contained joy and silver linings too. 

2020 sometimes proved to be a brutal teacher, but the lessons we learned in hardship and restriction may prove valuable in the future. 

The Church has had to adjust and adapt, relying on technology and being reminded of the importance of relationships. 

I’ve been reminded that God is stronger than COVID, conspiracy and collapsing economies. He’s still working out His plans through His people, still changing lives and making miracles happen. 

My heart has been warmed by the stories I’ve heard of how Adventist Record has helped us stay connected through this pandemic, how pastors and lay leaders have been able to visit or deliver Record, how more copies were able to go to the islands due to less being sent out in lockdown-affected areas. You’ve stuck with us and kept connected and we are truly grateful. [pullquote]

I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you, our readers and our community. We know you don’t just read Record—you’ve found jobs, started ministries, engaged in conversations and written letters, you’ve joined us online and we appreciate you. We appreciate your feedback, your news, your testimonies and stories that you’ve shared with us. Yes, it’s been a tough year, but we managed to keep printing and distributing (even if a few issues were late). 

I want to thank my team. Their tireless work and adjustments through lockdowns and a difficult year. They’ve been unstoppable and, while 2020 wore everyone down, we’ve managed to make some exciting plans for this year and beyond. 

We’ve had some transition over this year end with Linden, our assistant editor—digital, and Record’s main graphic designer for the past few years, leaving to pursue a teaching career. I’d like to wish Linden all of God’s blessings on this new adventure. He’s been a great asset and friend during this time and Adventist Record will miss his faithful dedication. A new year means new beginnings and we will have new staff joining the team. 

I want to thank the team at Signs Publishing for their tireless work. In lockdown-affected Victoria, they’ve had difficult work conditions but have continued to print and give us support all the way through every challenge that has been thrown at them. Sometimes understaffed, issues with postage and freight, multiple adjustments to subscription lists—nothing has deterred them as they’ve worked faithfully to help us deliver Record everywhere it needed to go. Without their support, Record would not have been able to go out this year. 

As we begin the year, you’ll notice Record looks a bit different. We’ve taken the opportunity to freshen up our look and to add some new columns that we think you’ll really enjoy. I’m especially excited about our new series, Living Kingdom, where we look at the parables of Jesus and what they teach us about living here and now. 

We are looking forward to spending 2021 with our South Pacific family, and hopefully more time together in churches. 

God has been working and we look forward to receiving more amazing stories about what God is doing in your local church, school and community. 

We hope you continue to let us know how we’re doing, engaging with our articles and sharing your thoughts, either online, via social media or even good old email. 

My prayer is that in this new year you “look to the Lord and His strength; seek his face always” (1 Chronicles 16:11). 

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