New Adventurer curriculum to better engage children in Australia

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The Australian Union Conference (AUC), in partnership with a team of Adventurer specialists from across Australia, is launching a new website that will enable Adventurer leaders and parents to easily access awards, activities and resources for their local clubs.

Available in 2021, the website will adapt the new Adventurer curriculum created by the General Conference to an Australian context. Leaders and parents will be able to print out awards and activities designed to meet the needs of each specific age group. These can be completed in class or at home.

Notably, the new curriculum will involve Adventurer class booklets designed for children to work through at each meeting. At investitures, each child will receive their A5, passport-like booklet as a record of their achievements for the year. These are available to order from the AUC Resource Centre.

“We are really excited about the new Adventurer curriculum and website that has been developed. The exciting thing is it will all be accessible with a click of the mouse. The new user-friendly curriculum will be a great move forward for Adventurers in Australia,” said Pastor Jeffrey Parker, AUC youth director.

Since 2019, the team of Adventurer specialists has been working to enhance the Adventurer program in Australia. In April 2020, a Facebook group called “Australian Adventurers (AUC Seventh-day Adventist Church)” was created to help leaders and parents share resources and ideas, and in 2020 the General Conference announced it was updating the Adventurer curriculum. The team was able to use this, along with their concepts, to create the website.

Aimed at children aged between four and nine, Adventurers is one of the first programs that helps the Church introduce young children to the Lord, and teach them positive values and morals. It is designed to help strengthen parent-child relationships, and with more than three thousand children around Australia participating in an Adventurer Club, it is easy to see why having a website is welcomed news.

2021 will be an exciting year for the new Adventurer program and website, which launches on January 15: You can also join the Australian Adventurers Facebook page.

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