World orphan’s and vulnerable children’s Sabbath

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Adventist Possibility Ministries (APM) is pleased to announce that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has set aside Sabbath, November 21, as Orphan’s/Vulnerable Children’s Sabbath.

As an International Childrens Care (ICC) member, this initiative is sponsored by APM at the General Conference, a body that recognises and provides care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children.

APM is established to acknowledge the special needs and possibilities of different people groups—the deaf, the blind etc.

APM encourages local churches across the world to recognise the special work being done for orphans on November 21.

Resources are available, including sermons, posters and printable brochures, to share with tour church via the ICC website:

In addition, more information about APM can be found at

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