My Story: The power of Adventist education

Beulah Adventist College teacher Tonga Veatufunga.

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A teacher and a student from Beulah Adventist College in Tonga share their testimonies.

Tonga Veatufunga (teacher)

I grew up on the island of Vava’u as a Methodist, my mother’s church. My father’s side are Adventists and I struggled to belong to one church. My mum influenced me a lot and I had no choice but to attend her church.

However, I still had a strong desire that one day I would join my father‘s church. The opportunity came when I completed high school and started a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of the South Pacific, Tonga campus, in 2018. During the course of my studies, I was approached to teach science at Beulah College. I started teaching and at the same time observing and learning as much as I could about Adventist beliefs.

I got married the same year and moved to live at the school compound and we attended the Beulah church. I really enjoyed the environment and the friendship of the Beulah staff members.

During the recent school two weeks of evangelism, I was really impressed by the messages delivered and I finally made up my mind to fully accept Christ as my personal Saviour. I have no regrets in making this decision.

So please pray for my young family and I hope that one day soon my husband and baby daughter will join me in my new church.

Beulah Adventist College student Gilbert Matoutourua.

Gilbert Matoutourua (Form 4 student)

I am a Ni Vanuatuan from Port Vila, aged 17. I grew up in a good family and my family are strong Assembly of God church-goers.

My father met and assisted a Tongan security warden from the Tongan Prisons last year who went to Vanuatu for some training. This Tongan father had some difficulties with his immigration documents after the training and so my family helped and hosted him for some time until he returned to Tonga.

Through our friendship with this friendly Tongan man, I got the opportunity to come and study in Tonga at Beulah College. I am hosted by this Tongan man’s family and I attend Beulah because it is located next to the main prison compound, Hu’atolitoli.

This is my second year in Beulah and I am a boarding student. I enjoy every bit of my time in this lovely school and moreover, I really enjoy learning some new truths about the Word of God. I am planning to study at Beulah until I complete form seven.

I have no regrets in going through the waters of baptism recently though my parents in Vanuatu disagreed and even my Tongan guardians. Please pray for me so that I can be strong in my new-found faith and hope I will share this light with my family one day.

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