Fiji post COVID: Uncovering new methods of evangelism

Children from the community of Vunisoco.

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In the aftermath of COVID-19 restrictions in Fiji, a recent report from Fiji Mission president Pastor Luke Narabe indicates that outreach and small group evangelism is back in full-swing. Listed below are four successful ministries:

Peria Seventh-day Adventist Church

Peria Church at Flagstaff is currently running a two-week evangelistic series as part of the Trans Pacific Union Mission’s (TPUM) July* harvest. Conducted by TPUM’s ministerial association secretary and global mission coordinator Dr Ronald Stone, the programs aim to educate attendees about health and wellness.

Beginning at 5pm, guests are treated to massages, hot and cold therapy and charcoal treatment, then enjoy a healthy meal before the sermon begins at 7pm. Following this, the church uses World Changer Bible study guides in small groups to nurture and strengthen the new members. A baptism is planned for the end of the year.

Community members attending the nightly meetings.

Pacific Tertiary Evangelistic Centre (PTEC)

The PTEC church began a new evangelistic series at the beginning of August with meetings conducted by TPUM youth ministry director Pastor Charlie Jimmy. The one-week program required attendees to bring a friend each night, and featured Bible studies conducted by young people, with a dedicated elder also in each group.

These small groups have now transitioned to become Sabbath school classes. Most of the new members are students at the University of the South Pacific and Fiji National University.

Students meeting together for Bible studies at PTEC.

Nabua Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Kecisemani Sabbath school, a branch of Nabua Church, was popular in the community last week. Located at the Navasa settlement just outside Bayview Heights, church members not only hosted an evangelistic series, but also reached the community through cleaning, weeding and clearing walkways and drains that had been blocked for years.

As a settlement without electricity, Navasa was grateful when the young people contributed to the purchase of a chargeable speaker and lamps to light the meeting venues at night. The young people played videos of Samu Koro’s series on Hope Channel “NAI KA VA NI WASE NI BOGI” each night.

Cleaning and weeding the community.

Wainadoi English Seventh-day Adventist Church

Young people from Wainadoi church recently visited the community of Vunisoco where families, most of whom are subsistence farmers and fishermen, were affected during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Having packed stationery for more than 20 primary and high school students, as well as food packs for 12 families, the young people delivered their gifts, shared thoughts from the Bible and prayed with the recipients.

This initiative was part of Wainadoi youth’s target to reach all families in Vunisoco in 2020. The Sabbath following the outreach, more than 20 children from the community attended church at Wainadoi.

Some of the children who received stationery packs.
*usually the programs are run in July, but due to COVID restrictions, things have been pushed back this year.
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