New “Sabbath Walk” created at Stuarts Point Convention Centre

Some of the volunteers standing next to the new sandstone plaques.

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A new nature walk that commemorates the Sabbath has been built and opened at Stuarts Point Convention Centre, NSW.

The project was envisioned by retired pastor and evangelist Dr Allan Lindsay, born from something he had seen overseas: a walk in beautiful surrounds, interspersed with information points along the way, telling the story of Sabbath. Dr Lindsay is delighted that his dream has come true and trusts it will be a blessing to all who walk along the path.

Starting at the little chapel, the walk passes behind the motel accommodation and through the trees for 1.6 kilometres, finishing behind the Big Tent.

For weeks prior to the project date, notices were put in church bulletins calling volunteers for the project. More than 25 agreed to help, travelling from as far as the Queensland border, from NSW towns of Guyra, Cooranbong, Lake Macquarie, Port Macquarie and from Sydney. Those from Port Macquarie came with their own heavy equipment to help with earthworks.

Between March 15-17, just prior to COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, the group carved out the walkway and erect sandstone pillars that tell the story of Sabbath.

Despite heavy rain, the workers were able to prepare things inside of the Big Camp shed, for when the rain stopped, thanks to Pastor John Lang’s organisation.

Having prepared the cement beds at allocated positions along the walk, the team erected waist-high sandstone pillars and then sealed them, to bring out the beautiful colours of the stone. Information plaques were then attached to each pillar, before the pillars were surrounded by a bed of wood chips to allow people to stand close to view and read the wording inscribed. These plaques tell the Sabbath story.

Throughout the project, meals were prepared by the Yarrahappinni Youth Centre and volunteers in the Big Camp kitchen. By Tuesday evening, the job was completed.

The next time you visit Stuarts Point Convention Centre, make sure you enjoy this very special “Sabbath Walk”.

Volunteers constructing the start of the path outside the “Little Chapel”.
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