25 years of serving the community

ADRA Fiji has supported thousands of people impacted by natural disasters.

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ADRA Fiji is celebrating a significant milestone—25 years of serving the community.

From small beginnings with just one worker, the agency has grown into a dynamic team of more than 40 dedicated individuals who are making a real difference in the lives of people around Fiji.

Over the years, the ADRA team has provided emergency response to assist communities affected by natural disasters, the most recent being Tropical Cyclone Harold. The team has also been working on a range of projects focused on community development to improve livelihoods and food security.

“ADRA Fiji has delighted in strengthening and empowering our locals to become resilient citizens for the past 25 years, reaching over 100,000 households in addressing disasters that impact social and economic development needs,” said ADRA Fiji country director Illiapi Tuwai.

ADRA Fiji has been working on a number of projects focused on community development.

Through its partnership with the European Union, ADRA has implemented projects that have helped more than 10,000 subsistence farmers.

“All this and much more has been accomplished due to the prayers, hard work and sacrifices from capable local officers, church leaders, and local and overseas stakeholders,” Mr Tuwai said.

Trans Pacific Union Mission president Pastor Maveni Kaufononga congratulated ADRA on its achievements over the past 25 years.

“I am very confident of their ability to assist people in times of disaster,” Pastor Kaufononga said. “Now they are moving into developing our communities. It’s all part of our vision to be a vibrant Adventist movement living our hope in Jesus and transforming the Pacific.”

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