Ministry to help families impacted by COVID-19 crisis

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Mums At The Table, a ministry of Adventist Media, has launched a private Facebook group to help mums who are having difficulties buying everyday essentials for their family due to the panic buying phenomena brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

“The idea came about because of the numerous posts mums were putting up in our general chat group of being unable to purchase items such as nappies, formula and even food because of all the panic stemming from COVID-19,” said Melody Tan, project manager of Mums At The Table. “Other mums were trying to offer suggestions and even to donate the items in need, but these cries for help are getting lost in the general chatter of the group.”

The Mums At The Table Marketplace works like any other buy-and-sell groups on Facebook with one big difference: Anything listed on the page has to be free. It will be a dedicated space for group members to both ask for or offer help. Group members are encouraged to list any of their needs, with the idea that someone in their local area may be able to help—either because they have excess of that item or they know where the item could be purchased.

“For churches and church members, this is a perfect ministry in times of social distancing and isolation,” said Ms Tan. “This is a good opportunity to help a family in need—you don’t even need to talk to them if you’re worried about the possibility of virus transmission. You can simply drop the items they need at their front door.”

Churches or individuals interested in helping can contact Mums At The Table at or visit

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