NNSW Conference office flooded, workers to be relocated

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The North New South Wales (NNSW) Conference office (Wallsend, NSW) experienced structural damage and flooding at approximately 3:00 pm yesterday, when an intense storm cell caused a tree to fall on the building.

Certain areas of the building, such as the stationery room and reception area, have been worst affected.

“We spent an hour and a half yesterday sweeping a good centimetre or two of water out of the office, there was that much coming in,” said NNSW Conference president Pastor Adrian Raethel.

Workers were asked to stay home today and an insurance assessor came to evaluate damage to the building.

“There is structural damage, so we will have to temporarily relocate people from their offices while the repairs are done,” said Pastor Raethel. “We’re trying to dry out the carpets and there is damage to cupboards.”

Staff will return to the office tomorrow, following a safety check. Damage will be repaired as quickly as possible.

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