100,000 Bibles needed for PNG evangelistic campaign

"Papua New Guinea for Christ" will be held from May 1-16, 2020, as part of the General Conference's Total Member Involvement (TMI) initiative. (Photo credit: Wes Tolhurst)

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The 2020 “Papua New Guinea for Christ” evangelistic campaign is in need of Bibles—lots of them.

In fact, as many as 100,000 Bibles are needed! That’s because the aim of the campaign is to baptise 100,000 people and to give a Bible to every one of the new believers.

“In Australia and New Zealand we mostly all get gifted a Bible when we’re baptised, it’s easy for us, but in Papua New Guinea a Bible is more than a week’s wage for the average person,” said Pastor Leigh Rice, discipleship ministries director at the South Pacific Division.

“We want to be able to help the new believers to build their faith because it’s one thing for them to respond to an evangelistic meeting, it’s another for them to build their faith long-term.”

“Papua New Guinea for Christ” will be held from May 1-16, 2020, as part of the General Conference’s Total Member Involvement (TMI) initiative. World Church president Pastor Ted Wilson will be among the preachers, along with around 30 others from the GC, and many pastors and evangelists from every mission and conference in the South Pacific Division, including hundreds of PNG pastors and lay people.

Other discipleship resources needed for the campaign include 100,000 Discovery Bible Reading guides and 1500 picture rolls. On top of that, 2000 new churches need to be built to accommodate the new members.

“From a discipleship perspective it’s best if there’s a new church for every 50 new people because that way participation and inclusion and a sense of community happen better,” Dr Rice said. “So with a goal of 100,000 new believers, that’s 2000 new churches that are needed.”

Those attending one of the Big Camps around Australia and New Zealand in 2020 will have an opportunity to dig deep to support the campaign—all camp offerings for the year will be going to “Papua New Guinea for Christ”.  Those not attending camp are still encouraged to donate to the cause via the Egiving website: www.egiving.org.au.

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