Avondale Memorial mission trip to Mongolia

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A group from Avondale Memorial church travelled to Mongolia in September to share God’s word and provide health assessments, English language classes and a kids club for local residents.

After more than two years of planning and preparation—including saving, booking tickets and venues, enlisting people, preparing classes and sourcing materials for health assessments—a small group of passionate individuals headed to the rural town of Ulaangdom, 50 kilometres from the Russian border in Mongolia’s north and home to approximately 30,500 residents.

The group from Avondale Memorial church consisted of senior pastor Abel Iorgulescu, Bolormaa and Ashton Cherry, Mel and Luke Howie, and Lyn and John Medhurst, plus one family from Canada and one family from Mongolia who had made contacts and sorted out venues, along with some others from UlanBaatar (Mongolia’s capital).

Team member Lyn Medhurst sharing English lessons with students.

The team shared a series of healthy living methods with residents through health presentations, cooking demonstrations, free dental checks and treatments, along with presentations on handling depression for government officers. This approach attracted great attention alongside the conversational English classes taught by Lyn and John Medhurst at the local school. Approximately 700 students received English lessons, with English teachers also being trained in teaching methods.

A kids club every afternoon attracted around 50 very enthusiastic kids, which paved the way for spiritual meetings in the evenings, presented by Pastor Iorgulescu and his translators, resulting in 10 interested locals asking for Bibles and Bible studies.

Fast-forward a few months, and a group of people in Mongolia are still meeting together, sharing and learning more of God’s word, and continuing to learn principles for a healthy life.

Avondale Memorial church plans to continue their support for the people of Ulaangdom and is excited for future outreach efforts.

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