Prisoners baptised in Lae

Ministers Glen Kintau and Denly Tarato with the prisoners after their baptism.

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A week-long revival meeting at Buimo Prison Camp in Lae (Papua New Guinea) saw 24 candidates baptised.

Minister Glen Kintau and his elder, Freddy Guba, with assistance from another minister, Denly Tarato, conducted the revival meeting inside the prison camp.

Minister Kintau’s message to the low and high risk prisoners was on “God’s Special Day, Sabbath” and “Baptism” while Minister Tarato preached on identity with his talk entitled “Who Am I?”.

Getting ready for the baptism.

Morobe Mission general secretary, Pastor Samuel Mollen, and Mission Family Life and Sabbath school director, Pastor Kennedy Way, baptised the 24 candidates on Sabbath just outside the prison church. One of the baptismal candidates was released from prison the day he got baptised. He later said that he will never forget the experience.

Another candidate, who is serving 20 years, apologised publicly to God, the Church family, the prison wardens and other prisoners. He told the church that 14 years ago he had escaped from prison and came out at the very place where the baptismal tank was located. His exit and escape spot became his entry to Christ and his baptism meant so much to him.

After the baptism, the church family provided lunch for the prisoners and the duty wardens.

Pastors Kennedy Wai and Samuel Mollen.
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